24.08.-27.08.2015 / Berlin

IAPPS Membership

We cordially invite you to become a member of the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences.

For further information on membership please visit: www.plantprotection.org.

Advantages of Becoming an IAPPS member:

  1. Your membership fee includes a subscription to the electronic version of Crop Protection, published by Elsevier and the Official IAPPS plant protection journal. You will also have the option of subscribing to the print version of Crop Protection at a considerable discount rate.
  2. IAPPS members pay a reduced registration fee to attend the International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC)
  3. You will be able to propose, be informed of and attend regional symposia and workshops supported by IAPPS.
  4. As a member you will have the option of subscribing to online news and information about IAPPS and other plant protection activities.
  5. Free publishing of IPM notes of interest (such as impact of your IPM program, announcements of regional meetings etc.) in the IAPPS Newsletter in Crop Protection without charge.
  6. Online access to the Secretary General’s monthly newsletter
  7. Access to a global network of plant protection scientists for interchange and scientific support
  8. The opportunity to provide input into the program planning and participation in the International Plant Protection Congresses.